7 ene. 2015

Bandcamp (EN)

As you know (or maybe not), Bandcamp is a page like Soundcloud where musicians and bands can upload their songs (and earn money selling them), but there are some differences that (since it wasn't enough with a Soundcloud profile) have made me set up my artist profile also in Bandcamp.

I have decided to publish my music in the two platforms, but in a "synchronized" way. On one hand, Soundcloud has a time upload limit, so you can't upload as many songs as you want, but the people can download these songs (if you allow it) as many times as they want. On the other hand, in Bandcamp you have a download limit but you can upload as many songs as you want. If I upload a song to Bandcamp, disallowing it's downloadability, and I upload the same song in Soundcloud allowing it, I can make the users go from Bandcamp to Soundcloud to download the song, so I can upload all my songs in Bandcamp but keep the latest in Soundcloud so they can be downloaded.

Bandcamp also allows pricing albums and getting "donations" (the user chooses what to pay), so, in a future, I'll get a PayPal account and I'll set up for Bandcamp.

The profile is now finished and you can visit it here: http://7thpyramid.bandcamp.com/