29 nov. 2014

New project: "Mini Launcher" (Temp name)

Hello all.

I'm being very busy with my studies but I have managed to get some time for programming. This is an idea I have had since 3-4 days ago. It's a game launcher with a few option settings and an "about" window, for putting information an one link. It would have three screens: Main screen, about and settings:

The left image shows the main screen. You can add an image and it has these three buttons. The button "play" launches the game and closes the launcher. The buttons "settings" and "about" go to their respective windows.

The right image shows the about screen. There is an information box where you can write, and two buttons. The "back" button returns you to the main screen and the "more" button opens a link in the browser. I don't know what that button will do: I can make it to close the launcher when it opens the webpage or not.

It's in development and I'm probably going to spend a lot of time making it write and read the config files. I hope I'm able to do it with GMFileSystem extension, because GM:S sandboxes the program and you only can write and read from one location.

I hope you like it, more news will appear here as I develop this. Regarding the spaceship game, this launcher would work for that game, since I think editing settings like resolution in a launcher is better than doing it in the game.